Why is lime the life-saving colour?

Use lime to bring youthful energy to a living space.

Rich in vitamin C and full of health-giving antioxidants, the simple lime is a miracle-worker when it comes to keeping us active. British sailors in the 19th century used lime juice to survive long sea journeys and today’s studies suggest this super-fruit can even prevent the effects of getting older. Colour experts say decorating your home with lime has a surprisingly similar effect, so why not bring some zing to your home with a splash of citrus green?

A beautiful blend of soothing greens and dynamic yellow, lime lifts the spirits and brings energy and tranquility at the same time. Because it is especially powerful in in spaces with lots of natural light, use lime green generously to help reflect the sunlight. It can also be a beautiful backdrop when paired with stronger, earthy accents of mustard yellow and olive.