Tiny lounge? Decorate with bright shades

Enhance space in a small living room with bright colours.

If the walls in your living room or majlis feel too close together, here’s an easy rule to follow: a brighter room will always look larger than a darker room. Light-reflecting colours are the easiest way to brighten and lighten a space – try soft tones of blue and green, cream, primrose yellow and crisp white. If you have a narrow space, try using a darker colour on short walls and a lighter shade on long walls to make the room look longer.

One easy way to expand a small living room is to use bold, saturated colours in surprising spaces. Make instant impact by painting a splash of bright colour inside your bookshelf or windowsill. If you’re feeling creative, create a focal point with a brightly coloured wall panel or a stencil – you could even stencil a lamp on the wall to frame a hanging light bulb, as shown in the photo here. With interesting and colourful details, you’ll help take the eye away from small spaces and make the room feel larger.