Dazzle the senses with buttercup yellow

Make a statement with cheerful shades of buttercup yellow.

In a famous old children’s game, a buttercup flower that glowed on the skin was a sign that someone liked butter. There may not be any scientific evidence to support this idea but the buttercup flower is still an amazing example of nature’s design skills. The buttercup’s petals shine like a mirror to reflect the sunlight, while its sunny shade of yellow is designed for contrast in fields of green grass to attract the attention of bees.

Attract attention at home by using sunny accents of bright buttercup in rooms that need a cup of energy. A bold yellow accent wall is a great way to create a focal point if the other walls are light and neutral. If your walls are white and you’d like to add a burst of brightness, you could try painting interior design features, like stairs or alcoves, a pale, creamy shade of yellow. This colour combination will also help small rooms feel bigger.