Create a golden glow with amber hues

Blend golden shades of amber to create a luxurious colour scheme.

Celebrated for its beauty since the Stone Age, amber is one of the world’s most beautiful natural jewels. Its golden orange hues give this rare fossil a warmth and luxuriousness that has inspired designers and artists for centuries. Amber shades range from dense, syrup yellow through to white vanilla but always glow with a unique golden undertone.

Shades of amber on the walls bring a sense of natural luxury and warmth to any room. In spaces where you want to add light without losing warmth, such as a hallway, you could try pale, rose hues of amber, which look great under any light. Reddish amber hues with soft golden-brown tones are great for areas where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, like the living room and bedroom. Try contrasting amber with soft shades of blue or violet – you’ll find that these hues instantly make amber look brighter.