Dulux EasyClean

Parents are constantly trying their best to provide a clean and safe environment for kids to learn and play in. One of the key challenges most of them face is keeping the walls at home free from stains. With innovative KidProof Technology, Dulux EasyClean protects your walls from everyday wear & tear - stains are easy to remove and colours remain just as vibrant for longer.



However, it’s not just stains but your walls carry harmful bacteria as well.

Bacteria can find its way to your walls in many ways.


We put the NEW Dulux EasyClean with KidProof Technology* to the test.


Keeping your walls clean from stains and bacteria is easier than ever. Let your kids be kids at the comfort of your home.

Dulux EasyClean with Kidproof Technology, available in store now.


*For the best performance of the KidProof technology, please ensure 1 – 2 weeks of proper curing on wall after application for paint film to dry completely

  • Stains are easier to remove if the wall surface is smooth
  • Stains are easier to remove when fresh, recommend cleaning immediately
  • Use a mild detergent solution or toilet soap solution on wet soft cotton cloth or sponge to clean stains
  • Wipe the stains gently without pressure
  • After cleaning the stains, wipe with a clean dry cloth while the surface is still wet
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