calculate the right amount of paint

How to calculate the right amount of paint

Calculate the right amount of paint with these handy tips.

1) First, measure the area that you’re going to paint. A friend can help you measure the width and height of walls with a metal tape measure. Multiply these numbers together to calculate the total square metre measurement.

2) Measure the doors and windows in the same way as above. Subtract those numbers and remove these from your total square metre measurement.

3) Multiply your new total square metre measurement by the number of coats (layers) that you need – we recommend at least two coats. Include a little extra paint for small touch ups.

4) Finally, divide this total figure by the m²/l number on your paint tin (if you can’t see it on the tin, look online at the product information section). This will give you the total litres of paint you need.

5) Remember, the type of paint will make a difference and so will the brand. When you use high quality paint, you’ll notice that you use less paint to get great results. Less paint equals a happier atmosphere – and a beautiful finish for you.

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