When is gold not gold?

Use this golden hue generously to create a happy, welcoming space.

The ancient Romans called it auripigmentum, meaning ‘gold pigment’. But it is known as orpiment, a type of mineral made from arsenic and sulfur. It is not actually gold, even though people in medieval times tried to turn it into gold. Still, orpiment served many other purposes. During wartime, it was used to make poisonous weapons and the Chinese used it to colour their fireworks.

Orpiment was prized by artists for many centuries because it looked similar to gold. Orpiment was still used until the 19th century when it was replaced by less toxic, synthetic alternatives. Many artists use the golden-hued pigment today, and it is available in many shades, from zesty lemon and canary yellow to a golden, brown-yellow. Be your own artist at home and use this golden yellow in generous doses to create happy, welcoming rooms.