Green and pink bedroom

Energise your home using Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Discover simple colour combinations to add energy to your home with Dulux Colour of the Year 2018

Dulux Colour of the Year 2018 is Heart Wood and it’s a soft, welcoming pink. But this doesn’t mean that it always feels calm. Bring together lively yellows and zesty greens to invigorate the home and lift the warm tones of Heart Wood. These vibrant colour combinations will help to explore the spaces most familiar to us in new ways.

Kids’ bedroom inspiration

Colourful spots in children’s bedroom

This stimulating design idea for children’s bedrooms takes contrasting colours and brings them to life against a neutral background – to inspirational effect. By creating natural, pebble-shaped pops of colour, rather than spherical polka dots, the overall effect is playful and modern and it’s easy to create.

Fun to try:

Check out the How to Paint an Oval video [LINK: xxxx] and see what you can create.

Which paints?

COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072

F3.20.67 / 30YY 47/236

H1.11.70 / 90YY 52/138

F6.35.68 / 40YY 49/408

E7.15.62 / 10YY 41/175

Vibrant living room decor

Green living room with oval

Be fearless with these colours – they’re so easy to use. Pairing bright and light greens on the feature wall creates a sense of energy that is lifted with the pop of Heart Wood pink. To complete the look, we recommend light wood and metal accessories.

Which paints?

COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072

G5.19.40 / 70YY 18/152

M4.28.19 / 07GG 07/143

A light and bright bedroom

Bedroom with a painted oval on the wall

Even in a predominantly neutral bedroom, well-chosen accent colour combinations can bring a burst of energy. In this modern bedroom, a lively green is edged with a flash of Heart Wood pink. It’s a quick an easy way to completely transform the feel of your room.

Which paints?

COY B5.05.52 / 10YR 28/072

H1.11.70 / 90YY 52/138


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