A wall feature with a diamond motif

5 playful paint motifs to make your mark on your new home

If you’ve moved into a new home that’s a blank canvas, we’ve got some fun and easy ideas to create a wall that will wow your visitors.

Houses are often painted in muted colours to neutralise the space when being sold, leaving buyers free to imagine what they could do with the space. Once the property is bought, it’s time to add your own touch. Try our playful paint motifs to help your new home reflect your personality.

1. Be daring with diamonds

Whether you’re going for a sophisticated palette in the living room or using bold colours in your child’s bedroom, the diamond effect is easy to achieve and is as versatile as it is elegant.

Make yourself a paper diamond template and then repeatedly draw around it in a measured grid. Tape along the lines of your diamonds to create clean crisp shapes and get painting. Then stand back to enjoy your impressive masterpiece!

Which paints?

H0.04.65 / 70YY 46/053

2. Motifs with purpose

A practical wall feature with a clock face motif

Motifs don’t just have to be used for stand out aesthetics. They can also play a functional role in your home.

Get hold of the components of a clock or take apart an existing clock and then get creative by painting your own clock face on the wall. Both innovative and contemporary, it’ll match your room and show off your artistic talents!

Which paints?

U0.20.40 / 50BB 18/216

A calendar motif for your study

Why not try creating your own wall calendar with contrasting circles and number stencils? This is perfect for brightening up your home office and you could even use blackboard paint to make the wall your personal memo board.

Which paints?

C3.46.30 / 30YR 14/365

3. Sophisticated stripes

Stripes motif in a bedroom

Stripes are great way to add personality to your new home as well as creating a sense of space and depth.

Choosing the right thickness, palette and direction can transform a room. For homes with low ceilings, try vertical stripes to create the illusion of height and for smaller spaces, try horizontal stripes to make the room feel longer.

You can also try experimenting with different paint finishes. By alternating between matt and gloss paint for your stripes, you’ll achieve a luxurious look.

Which paints?

S0.10.50 / 87BG 27/077

R7.04.78 / 70BG 68/056

See how to create the perfect stripe

[Embed: Quick paint tips: Perfect stripes video]

4. Go chic with circles

Circle motif in a bedroom

Circles are a great way to make a room feel dynamic and are a playful alternative to putting frames on the wall. Make a statement with bold colours or use a muted palette to create a restful feel. Painting your circles is easy, simply draw around a round lid or plate of your preferred size directly onto the wall and start painting.

If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, why not try scaling your pattern up the wall to create an effect that will impress visitors.

Which paints?

U1.09.60 / 50BB 39/104

V7.11.16 / 30RB 07/107

5. Free styling with tester pots

Paint motifs with tester pots

If you’re feeling brave and bold, hand-painted shapes are a great way to put your stamp on your new property. And if you’ve bought some tester pots along with you during the move or have been choosing palettes for you new home, the leftover paint is a great way to get creative. From brightening up shelves to creating a feature wall masterpiece, it’s all about adding your own personal touch.

Which paints?

R9.05.84 / 69BG 77/076

ON.00.49 / 00NN 25/000

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