Divided space with different colour schemes

5 clever colour ideas that will transform a blank canvas

Making your new house feel like yours doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. We’ve got some quick and easy paint tips that will do the trick for when you’ve just moved in.

Moving can be an expensive and hectic experience. So when you’re on a budget and are in need of some quick fixes, get creative with our five practical colour ideas for transforming your new home.

Idea #1: Room dividing

It’s more than likely that when you first saw your new home, you could imagine what some spaces might be used for, from snug corners to workstations. There’s no reason why large rooms can’t have more than one purpose and by using different colour schemes and furniture styles, you can divide your space according to your needs.

Rugs are also a great way to show where one area ends and the other starts, as is the layout of your furniture.

Which paints?

Q4.24.63 / 30BG 44/248

P8.50.31 / 10BG 11/278

Idea #2: Feature walls

A living room with a feature wall

If you’re short on time and would quickly like to inject some of your personality into your new home, try focusing on one wall. Make a feature of it with bold stripes and then at a later date you can find accessories to compliment your room’s colour scheme.

If you don’t fancy covering a whole wall, have a read of our guide to playful motifs.

Which paints?

Q2.49.25 / 26BG 09/247

Q5.06.80 / 30BG 72/069

H1.20.70 / 90YY 48/255

Idea #3: Open plan living

Colour schemes for open plan living

Paint is a helpful tool to enhance open-plan living. Pick a harmonious palette of three or four colours to mark out the different function areas in your space. Use furniture and accessories to suggest the purpose of the space and don’t be afraid to change areas as your needs change. Whether it’s working, entertaining or relaxing, you’ll soon be settled into your new room.

Practical open-plan living needs plenty of storage, so use vertical units, built in shelves and tall cupboards to make your space work for you.

Which paints?

J2.04.59 / 90YY 40/058

D7.03.85 / 90YR 83/053

Idea #4: Create a work zone

A stimulating work zone with paint

Laptops, tablets and mobiles make working spaces in the home increasingly easy to define. Our flexibility means that a well-lit corner, a bit of wall space and even the end of a dining table can all work perfectly. Use colours that help you focus. Try a deep red to paint a shape or section on the wall to outline your space and get to work!

Which paints?

S0.10.50 / 87BG 27/077

C3.46.30 / 30YR 14/365

Idea #5: Refreshing on a budget

Kitchen brought to life with less paint

A great way to make a little paint go a long way is to paint sections of your kitchen, such as cupboards and drawers. Using bold tones that contrast with softer shades in your space will breathe new life into the room. If you’ve got a bit of extra time, why not try painting the legs of your dining table or chairs to match.

Which paints?

N9.05.83 / 95GG 78/054

C8.10.70 / 50YR 53/160

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